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Carolina Breeze

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About the Book

When Shayla took a much-needed vacation from her busy career, she never expected to meet the man of her dreams. Against her better judgment, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Calen.

On the warm beaches of Carolina, Shayla and Calen lose themselves in romance. But vacation is never meant to last, and real-life calls them back home. They separate ways, leaving words unsaid and unsure they’ll ever see each other again.

Shayla returns to her demanding career, but her thoughts continue to return to Calen and their time together. When circumstances bring them back together, will Shayla and Calen make a go of it, or will they be separated again, this time forever?

About the Author

Tamika Brown

Tamika Brown is an avid reader turned writer. Her passion for writing came from a challenge from her students. It blossomed into an enjoyable hobby. She likes to read Contemporary and Paranormal Romance as well as Young Adult Fiction. More often than not she is reading at least two books at a time.

She’s from a small town in North Carolina where she lives with her husband and three children.

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