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Daken Destiny

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K Swanson




About the Book

Revisit the Draken United Universe in this winter short story of love and healing!

When Oregaine receives an enchanted mirror as a gift, it leads him to Destiny, a woman he can’t help but be attracted to. But Destiny has been hurt before and winning her trust, along with her heart, will not be easy. Can he convince her in one night that he will never hurt her, or is one night all they’ll have?

NOTES: While this story takes place after the events of Draken Genesis, it can be read completely as a standalone.

About the Author


K. Swanson spends her days with her two young minions and her nights dreaming up ideas for a multitude of stories. She loves super heroes, DND, video games, and all things Disney. She lives in a small town with her husband and children, along with 2 dogs, one of which thinks she’s a kangaroo.

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