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Dark Witch, Blood Witch: Craft of Vengeance

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About the Book

I thought I knew who I was, but I was wrong.

I thought I already lost everything, but as Hattie once told me, there’s always more to lose. I just never thought what I had left was the truth of my very existence. The secrets she revealed have rocked my world, made me question everything.

And now, there’s no one to hold me back. The dark grimoire has returned to me, the one constant of my life, and I no longer feel guilt when I read its forbidden pages.

I let myself be distracted from my mission, but that’s over now. It’s time to let the darkness take me.

About the Author

Lili Black

Lili Black is the young adult/new adult, paranormal romance pen name of authors LA Kirk and Lyn Forester.

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