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Fixing Payton

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About the Book

As a Phoenix Perilaegis, it’s Payton’s job to help the innocent, but she’s determined to deny her destiny. So what happens when sexy and determined Ulysses decides to change her mind?

Centuries ago, Payton tried to do the right thing and she still carries the scars. Since then, she refuses to help innocents lest she repeat the sins of her past. Instead, she flits from one flock to the next, always on the outside with no home to call her own. Turning a blind eye to those she should help, she lives a shadowed life among humans, unable to stand up for herself and haunted by the ghosts of her past.

Her only solace comes in her garden. There, she coaxes plants to bloom and finds comfort in bringing forth new life. She’s happy and determined to remain alone among her flowers. But when the mischievous owner of her favorite nursery sets her sights on setting Payton up for romance, everything falls apart.

Ulysses sweeps into Payton’s life at the worst possible time and witnesses her rejecting an innocent she’s meant to help. When he steps in to take her place, it sets off a series of events that will pull them together again and again. Determined to help the recalcitrant woman back onto the right path, Ulysses also hopes to get to know her better along the way. He senses a mystical connection between them that goes deeper than their shared abilities as Perilaegis and he’s determined to win her.

Will Payton be able to overcome her past and finally spread her wings once more, or will she drag Ulysses down into the darkness with her?

About the Author

Amy Prutsman

Being adopted, my creative mind often played around with the idea of what if?

What if… I was a secret princess that was lost, or if my parents were spies and couldn’t take care of me because of enemies lurking around every corner. Or maybe I was not human at all?

I have to laugh at myself now knowing those mindless thoughts have given me countless writing materials to play with. I am still new to this world and learning, but I’m enjoying it immensely.

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