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From Ashes

Chosen Storm

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Amanda Perry




About the Book

In this stunning new book in the Chosen Storm series, Riley Storm must face a deadly enemy while coping with the loss of her soul mate.

Riley Storm is Chosen by the gods. Elemental. Powerful. Abandoned. After a lifetime of being unloved and uncared for, Riley finally found someone to believe in and love. A soul mate. The one destined to be with her forever. So when Caleb rejects her right as she needs him most, Riley's left with a shattered heart, questioning where she went wrong.

Now she must find a way to pick up the pieces and keep pushing forward with her training because Samael is still out to get her, and he's growing impatient. His army of Fallen grows by the day, poised to take down the Elemental world, and he plans to start with Riley and her family.

Can Riley reclaim the confidence she lost, and find a way to trust in herself before it's too late? Or will evil triumph?

About the Author

Amanda Perry

My name is Amanda Perry, and I have a writing problem. Really, it's true. I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember thanks to my Grandmother who is a script writer. When I married the love of my life in 2011 things got a little crazy and I took a step back from writing for a while. We had our first baby girl in 2013 and I became a stay-at-home mama. Time flew and my baby girl became my preschooler! While she was in school, I decided to take up writing again. We became pregnant with our angel baby boy, Greyson, in 2015. God decided he needed him more, but a few months later blessed us with our youngest daughter, who was born in 2016. She will be a year old in a few short months. Having two young children and writing a book wasn't enough for me. I decided to go back to work part time and take a few classes online this coming Spring. My family means everything to me and in that I include a few close friends who will always be family to me. Writing is my passion and as long as I'm able, I'll continue to pursue my dream.

Amanda Perry

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