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Heart of Five

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LA Kirk




About the Book

Meg’s average life changes forever when she sets out to learn more about herself and discovers there’s more to the world than she ever realized.

Average is how Megan Little would describe her life until her twenty-fifth birthday. Her body starts to change like a countdown clock heading for zero. When her research on the transformation proves futile, she makes a desperate decision and travels north to investigate a supernatural reason for what's happening.

On the way, a chance encounter leaves her car vandalized, forcing her to stay the night in a small, tourist town.

Five men step in to help Megan only to open up more questions in her search for the truth.

About the Author


LA Kirk is a writer and editor. When not hard at work in front of her computer, her time is spent with her husband and two children, watching them play soccer, or chasing after the family puppy. LA loves working with other authors to help build their stories and brands.

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