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How I Live: Raised by Monsters

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Lili Black




About the Book

Neil has turned against Halie and the Department of Paranormal Investigations seem set on finding a reason to exterminate the hybrids, just as they’ve done in the past. With Heather murdered and disturbing dreams stalking Halie’s sleep, all signs point to her group being too dangerous to be allowed to live.

But not everything is so black and white, and Clair, the young investigator tasked with observing Halie and guys, suddenly has reason to be on their side. Sasson is dangerous, whether or not the DPI is willing to accept that he’s behind everything. When Teddy starts displaying signs of being a hybrid, it’s their chance to turn everything around.

Cornering Sasson and proving he’s behind all the deaths, though, proves more difficult than expected. He’s slipping the DPI’s leash, and when he’s cornered, all bets are off and Halie’s life is on the line once more. Will Sasson get to Halie before they can stop him? Halie survived death once, but a second time will mean the end.

About the Author


Lili Black is the young adult/new adult, paranormal romance pen name of authors LA Kirk and Lyn Forester.

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