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Lonely Lullaby

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About the Book

The music that plays in Tessa’s soul yearns for a connection outside the restrictions of her life. As the sole provider for her little sister, she’s put her life on hold to ensure Whitney’s happiness. But it’s left Tessa exhausted and alone.

But sometimes, life refuses to wait. Sometimes, it crashes in when it’s least expected.

At least, that’s what happens to Tessa when she bumps into a customer at the diner where she works and dumps food down his front.

Who knew fate could be so messy?

Life is no longer willing to wait for Tessa to step out of her limited world. Suddenly, she’s hearing the soul song of the person she’s destined to love. But things get complicated when she hears the songs of his best friends, too.

Is something wrong with Tessa’s heart, or is she really meant to fall for all of them? Will the lonely lullaby of her soul finally find an answer, and is it one she’s willing to embrace?

About the Author

Vannah Summers

Vannah has two children-her daughter, Holly and her husband-and lives surrounded by mountains. Growing up, she loved reading and writing and even wrote a book at the age of thirteen. Someday, she'll find where she saved it. Thirteen-year-olds aren't terribly reliable people.

Currently, she's a multicultural cosmetologist with an unquenchable love of all things Harry Potter. She likes to travel the world, experiencing various cultures, and despite what her hubby believes, she's an introvert with a talent of acting like an extrovert. In her free time, she enjoys making up fictional characters and chasing her toddler around the house for a hug.

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