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Lost Time

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About the Book

Is meeting her old flame a second chance for love, or a second chance for heart break?

After escaping a bad breakup, Letty’s determined never to allow another man to consume her life. She almost lost herself once, and she won’t let that happen again. But when she goes out to celebrate with her best friends, Letty runs into an old flame. Landon, her high school crush, and the one man she’s never been able to forget. After ten years, an undeniable connection still sizzles between them, but Landon broke Letty’s heart once, and she’s not sure she can risk being burned again.

Her friends think there’s more to their breakup than Letty realized, but can she risk her heart again?

About the Author

CA Higgins

C.A. Higgins started writing as a way to get the characters in her head to stop yelling at her. She's inspired by friends that lose track of their undergarments, loves long walks on the beach and the smell of Pine Sol. She lives with her husband and two sons in a place that's too damn cold for her warmth loving soul.

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