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Magic of Feather and Wind: Part 1

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Lili Black




About the Book

In a world where shifters exist, there are the dragons and then there are the others.

Avalon Clementine was born from dragon blood, but as a girl, the highest she can hope to achieve is Crafter Level, trained to be an Air User, but stuck in her human form. It’s the destiny of all dragon-blooded females, forever locked from their other self by a curse laid on their blood line a thousand years ago.

But Avalon isn’t worried about not being able to shift into another form. She’s worried about making it into Spearwood Academy, the only school anyone of the dragon blood wants to attend.

Her father, however, has different plans. He wants to keep her far away from the school that destroyed his family.

About the Author


Lili Black is the young adult/new adult, paranormal romance pen name of authors LA Kirk and Lyn Forester.

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