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Maybe Tomorrow

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Sophie O'Dare




About the Book

Rich, breedable, and destined for a marriage of convenience. As an Omega, that’s all Harold is to his father, but dare he dream for more?

Herold Freely has a problem. His dad keeps trying to marry him off to anyone with an old family name who needs their pockets filled by the Freely fortune in exchange for a step up in society.

So far, he’s managed to scare every suitor away, but his dad’s tired of his inability to land a husband and takes matters into his own hands.

In steps Peter, his knight in shining armor, if only the man would stop treating Herold like he’s breakable. Herold has dated enough men to know when he wants one’s attention, and Peter definitely has his.

But is there even a chance of them being together? Or will he be pulled back into his father’s plans for a political marriage?

This is an Alpha/Omega story with MM and mpreg. Themes include: hurt-love and age gap.

About the Author


Sophie O'Dare is the alter-ego of paranormal and sci-fi author Lyn Forester. She loves writing stories about men falling for each other and all of the shenanigans that go along with being in love.

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