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Poisoned Houses Omnibus

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Lyn Forester




About the Book

Together for the first time, see how Caitlyn met her guys and they became a team!

House of Glass
Caught participating in illegal disc-bike racing, Caitlyn is sent to the Academia for Planetary Alliance, a finishing school for the elite. There, her father plans to turn her into the future First Councilor of Leton, willingly or not. But when she reunited with her former racing competitors, Declan, Felix, and Connor, a new path opens, one of friendship, trust, and possibly love.

House of Artifice
Just when Caitlyn is settling into the restrictive life of the Academia for Planetary Alliance, political strife rocks the city of Leton. Ripped apart and sent back to their families, Caitlyn is left to stand in for her father while he is called away. There, she’s reunited with her childhood friend Nikola, and her commitment to Declan, Felix, and Connor are put to the test.

House of Silence
Caitlyn returns to the Academia for Planetary Alliance, but nothing is the same. The careful walls Caitlyn has built around her emotions are cracking apart, her dreams pulling farther out of her grasp. Can she find a new balance, and new dreams, with her team? Or will she lose herself completely?

About the Author


Lyn Forester graduated with a Bachelor in English and an Associates in Graphic Design. She worked in the graphic design industry for ten years before deciding to pursue her other life long dream of becoming a writer. She grew up reading mostly fantasy books, though later in life found a love of urban fantasy and science fiction. She currently works from her home in Washington State where she squeezes in writing time around a busy schedule. When not working, she can be found experimenting with new recipes, reading, or playing video games and the occasional board game.

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