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K Swanson




About the Book

For months, I’ve been imprisoned by an organization determined to dissect me and figure out how my powers work. There’s no escape. Believe me, I tried, and it only made life worse.

But when my captors perform their latest experiment, it supercharged not just my abilities, but those of the other chimeras locked in here with me.

When an attack on the facility gives us a chance to run, we escape only to discover that making it home in one piece won’t be easy. We have no money, barely any clothes, and our captors are close on our heels.

We thought escaping would be the hard part, but in reality, our troubles were just beginning.

About the Author


K. Swanson spends her days with her two young minions and her nights dreaming up ideas for a multitude of stories. She loves super heroes, DND, video games, and all things Disney. She lives in a small town with her husband and children, along with 2 dogs, one of which thinks she’s a kangaroo.

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