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Sheltered Roots

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Jeanne Allen




About the Book

Rose and her men are under attack. Does she have the strength to protect them, or will she and her loves be the first to fall in a battle against an unknown enemy.

Returned to the Phósopoi, Rose thought she found a safe place with her Kladí. But with one of theirs attacked and now in a coma, they’re desperate to find an answer that will bring him back to them.

Secrets will be revealed, and Rose will once again be called upon to test what she thought she knew about herself, and her men.

About the Author


Jeanne Allen lives in South Korea where she teaches what she hopes is English to high school students. She loves to read and write and enjoys doing so alongside her friends who roll their eyes every time she abandons a work in progress for a new project. She is cat-mom to a spoiled Chinchilla Persian named Princess Yue (a.k.a Moon princess from Avatar). She spends all of her vacation time traveling and hopes to see every one of the world's most ancient wonders within her lifetime.

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