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Silver Lake

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Mary Jackson Webber




About the Book

Despite having a hard life, Mariana Fulton has always been able to find moments of happiness. When her surrogate guardian dies, she’s shipped off to Silver Lake, destined for a new home.

But when she arrives in Silver Lake, the family meant for her wants nothing to do with her. Luckily, her path leads her to Grace, a woman with a heart big enough to take in a wayward seventeen-year-old. At Grace’s Diner, Mari finds a new family and friends who support her odd ways.

When Mariana meets Graham Morgan, a man broken by fire and closed off from life, she loses her heart in an instant. But will Graham realize they’re destined to be together? Or will his pain keep him closed off to the possibility of love?

About the Author


Hmmm, what to say, what to say! Describe myself? Short, round, an introvert by nature but capable of socializing when necessary. Love to stay home, snuggled in my chair, with a book or my Kindle, reading hour after hour. What do I like to read? Romance, cozy mysteries, reverse harem, gay romance, paranormal, supernatural, sci-fi, and adventure. For me, reading is an escape so I tend to stay away from non-fiction or scary stuff. 
I have a younger brother who is the best, a sis-in-law who is the rock of our family, four nephews, four nieces, and three great-nieces. Not to mention several cousins! My cousin Cindy was my biggest supporter as I began my writing journey, helping me with grammar, editing, and most of all, being my beta reader even though romance is not her favorite genre. She also listened as I ranted, raved, cried, and basically dumped all my emotions onto her shoulders during the writing and editing process.
The biggest thrill was when I submitted my book to an online publishing company and they wanted to publish it! Over the past year, I’ve learned a lot about editing, for sure! The first editing draft had me in tears – how could they not love every single word!!!! But, as they were experts in the field, I got myself together, trusted their advice, and went to work making changes. Hard lesson to learn, believe me!
Anyway, I spent a little time in the Women’s Army Corps (yes, I was a WAC), married #1, gave birth to and then buried my beloved child, divorced #1, married #2, divorced #2, and then decided to stay single and happy. I’ve held a variety of jobs in the administrative/secretarial field, and have had a great life, so far!

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