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Steven with a V

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About the Book

Life has a way of just being existence until you find the reason to truly live. I made a difference in other people’s lives, but inside, I was just . . . physically there. I worked to pay the bills and took care of my family when I wasn’t at work, but that was it.

That is, until the day Steven walked into the video store where I worked.

No, it wasn’t ‘love at first sight,’ but it was definitely ‘like at first comment.’

My name is Carolyn, and this is the story of how a simple man turned my world upside down. A man who had the power to see beyond the wall I built around my heart and discovered the real me hiding inside. A man who connected with me wholly. The man who made me live.

About the Author

Sofia Ann Hoffman

Sofia Ann grew up listening to 80's music and always had a book on hand. To the outside world, she is a dependable woman but lets her wild side show through in her books. She loves dogs, cats, and hunky, lovable men, not necessarily in that order.

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