The Italy Incident: Level One

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It was supposed to be the start of college life, and the school thought a scavenger hunt would be a fun way to connect with new friends. Too bad for us, the Museum of Magic and Wonder had different plans.

When Val teams up with Mack, Coop, and Buddy to find the city’s hidden gems, it sounds like a fun way to spend a day before they all dive into the stress of their freshman year of college. But venturing into a small museum not on their map changes everything.

Sucked into a magical portal, Val finds herself cast back in time to ancient Italy, though it’s not the Italy she studied in history class. Everyone’s acting like she’s in a video game, but her life is very much in danger.

Can Val find the others and escape the strange world she now finds herself in? Or will she be stuck forever?

About the Author

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