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The Ruby

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About the Book

When you’re the unnatural part of a supernatural world, you know you’re screwed.

Alex Morgan has always been the outcast of her family, always appearing to be more like a human than a vampire from an ancient heritage.

But after living at a boarding school, she moves back to her home town and everything changes.

Wanting to prove herself to her family, she must find the secrets behind her new powers and the ancient prophecy that gifted them to her. Trying to be a normal teenager just got a whole lot harder.

You really should be careful what you wish for.

About the Author

RM Getsee

R.M. Getsee is a full-time art student, fantasy nerd, comic book geek, and aspiring author. Raised in a small village in rural Ireland, growing up they always found themself getting lost in the mystical world's that they would read about.

As a teenager, questioning and coming to terms with things such as sexuality, mental health and gender identity, these worlds became a sanctuary, a special place away from the real world where they were free to be themself without fear of judgment.

Now they wish to spread that joy, to create worlds where every reader feels safe and inspired to be themself whilst they embark on fantastical adventures with some badass characters.

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