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Willow Dark Storm

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About the Book

Willow’s life as a photographer is torn apart when she wanders into the wrong part of the woods and discovers the supernatural exist. Captured by werewolves, they lock her away and turn her into a slave. Unable to fight back or escape, Willow resigns herself to slow starvation.

Death seems even more imminent when she’s yanked from her cage and offered up as food to three, vampire brothers in exchange for keeping their noses out of the werewolves’ business. They accept, but instead of consuming her then and there, they decide to take her with them. Has Willow been saved, or just traded one cell for another?

Moved to her new home, fear gives way to attraction of the vampiric trio who seem more concerned with healing her instead of harming. But a dark storm is brewing in the supernatural world. Is there a place for love? Or will Willow’s life be torn apart once again?

About the Author

ZL Morris

The words tend to flow easier when I'm talking about my characters, but I always seem to get stuck when I try to talk about myself. So, where to start. I'm from the UK, although my body clock would prefer me to be on an American time zone. I have two children, and refer to them as mini me and monster. Mini me is almost six, and monster is seven. I have to admit that I wasn't ever the type of child or teenager to have my head stuck in a book, and I only started to take reading seriously when mini me became poorly. Lots of hospital visits meant I needed time to escape while the baby was sleeping… a book monster was born.

Guilty secret

I've not read or watched any Harry Potter. When I started reading I jumped straight in at the deep end with smut. Lots, and lots of smut.

Where it all began.

I joined a group two years ago and they introduced me to Fan-fiction. And this is where the real fun began. Two short months it took for a couple of wenches to convince me to try my hand at writing. While I thought I'd give it a shot with the intention of showing them how shockingly bad I was… it bit me royally on the backside because my friends wanted more.

Now, two years have flown by, and I've gone from writing fan-fiction to writing my own original stories.

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