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River's Rise

River's Rise


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An evil sorceress sits on the throne of Albion and holds the king under her spell. With her life in constant danger, Princess River is forced to flee in hopes of one day returning to claim her rightful place.

Born on a night of prophecy, Princess River’s powers were bound, locked inside herself in order to save her life. On her eighth birthday, her lack of magic saves her when a sorceress with unimaginable power enslaves the military and enthralls the king with dark magic, bringing her kingdom to its knees at the whim of a maniac.

Malix keeps River in the castle to maintain her spell on the king and her hold over Albion, but when her desire for power threatens River’s life, the princess is forced to flee. Handicapped by a horrible curse, River becomes Snow, a simple farm girl with a secret. She comes of age in hiding as her kingdom crumbles under the sorceress’s cruel reign.

When Queen Malix’s malicious hand finds Snow once more, the time for hiding is at an end. But first, she needs to assemble her council and find her Sword, Mage, Squire, General, Healer, Craftsman, and Thief.

With them at her side, they will find a way to take back the throne of Albion.

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