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Craving Him

Craving Him

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Jason broke Gio’s heart once, leaving him broken and devastated. Now, just when Gio’s moving on, Jason’s returned, threatening to do it all over again.

When a hit-and-run accident leaves Gio in a wheelchair, he’s faced with the choice of going to rehab until he heals or asking one of his friends to take care of him. He never expected Jason, the man who broke his heart once, to show up at the hospital insisting Gio come home with him. It sounds like the worst idea possible, but Gio just can’t resist the other man, even knowing he’s setting himself up to be hurt again.

Jason knows it’s a bad idea to bring Gio into his home, but he finds it impossible to walk away a second time when he hears that the man he can’t forget is in need. Jason’s not ready to come out of the closet, though, even to himself. No matter how fast his heart races around the other man, he’s determined to keep his emotional distance. But he’s never been good at resisting Gio.

When Jason’s past returns to stalk him, it puts Gio in danger. Can Jason find the resolve to do what’s right to protect Gio? Or will his attraction be both of their undoing?

A second chances, friends to lovers, contemporary gay romance.

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