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Saving Him


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Nick and Riley seem destined for each other, if only they realized their mutual attraction.

Computer tech geek, Nick, can’t seem to kick his crush on his straight neighbor, Riley. After six months of living next door to each other, he finally accepts his best friend’s offer to set him up on a date to get over his unrequited love.

Angel Falls detective, Riley, just came out of a bad relationship and isn’t ready to risk his heart again. But he can’t help the feelings developing for his neighbor, Nick, or the push from his partner to confess his attraction. Everything changes, though, after he sees Nick with a new guy, and Riley realizes he may have hidden his feelings too well, costing him a chance with the man he loves.

Despite Nick’s new relationship, Riley can’t deny the feeling that every time they’re near each other, the air seems to sizzle. Is Nick not as committed to his new boyfriend as Riley thinks?

When Nick is attacked his apartment, will it be the final push to bring them together? Or will it drive them apart?

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