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Vampires 'came out' nearly a century ago, and have convinced the world that they are model citizens. There are official donor centers where you can give your blood freely in exchange for the high that vampire venom can give you, and everything seems on the up and up. But that's not necessarily the case. There's a black market trade for blood slaves, and there, they try to strip you of everything that makes you human. Even your name.

As with every society, there are rogues, and the rogue vampires see humans as their chattel and treat them as such. The Hunters, a secret organization of elite-trained men and women, track down the rogues in the shadows and protect humanity as best they can.

It’s rare for someone to escape enslavement, but every so often, someone manages to break free, and if they’re lucky, they land, quite literally, in the arms of seven handsome Hunters.

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