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In a dying world, where fewer males are being born every year and food is becoming scarce, will Bailey choose love or safety?

With the food supply quickly running out, the super markets become a battlefield as everyone fights to feed their families. But for Bailey’s mom, the most important thing is maintaining their family’s social status. Which means throwing Bailey the biggest birthday party possible, despite the potential waste.

Under pressure to be the perfect daughter, Bailey finds solace with her best friends, Kace, Ryker, and Devon. With them, she can just be herself. But when they take her out dancing to an illegal club, everything changes. Suddenly, Bailey can’t hide her feelings for the three men anymore, and it might not be one sided as they each vie for her attention.

But with the world falling apart around them, will Bailey be brave enough to take the risk and find happiness with them, or will her family force her down a different path?

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