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Taming His Alpha

Taming His Alpha

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When an Omega with zero social filters and an Alpha too full of himself clash, sparks fly in a heated battle that will end with at least one of them broken.

Joshua has no patience for people, which makes finding a job hard. His mouth runs off before his brain can caution restraint, which has gotten him fired more than once.

When he’s offered a job as a web designer for a friend’s company, he leaps at the chance to work for someone who’s already used to his special brand of bad behavior. But his dream job is put in jeopardy when he’s forced to work with a new client, none other than Austin Knight, a photographer who’s famous for being infamous.

Austin is exactly the type of person Joshua hates. Bossy, aggressive, and a know-it-all. The fact he's an Alpha only adds to Joshua's eagerness to get the job done and move on. But when a mix-up forces a face-to-face meeting, the two men clash, and sparks fly.

Will Austin change his bad habits to keep Joshua by his side? Can Joshua overcome his childhood trauma and open up to the one Alpha who could very well be his match? Or will both play it safe and walk away?

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