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Music in the Madness

Music in the Madness


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Kahli’s life changes forever when she joins her friend’s band. Will the music that pounds in her heart find an answering song, or will it leave her shattered?

Kahlani Grey has spent most of her adult life behind a bar. When her older brother comes to visit for the summer, he convinces her to support her best friend's dream of starting a band, and Kahli agrees to take a leap of faith. But the revelation of a startling family secret forces Kahli to rethink her views on life, love, and music.

Being in a band with four guys presents its own set of problems. One of the men has been a part of Kahli’s life since she was young, one for several years, and two are new to her. Can Kahli hold the group together, or will jealously be their undoing?

Take this journey with Kahli and her guys as they work to navigate the madness of life to find the heart of the music.

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Music in the Madness