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When the Sky Turns On

When the Sky Turns On

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Without a valid identity, and nowhere to run, Henly finds himself trapped on Level 4, facing down an impossible task. Can he use street smarts to find a way out? Or has he reached the end of his luck?

Living on the streets is hard, and refusing to join one of the local gangs makes it nearly impossible. But for the last few years, Henly’s used street smarts and fast feet to stay ahead of the game. Just when he thinks he’s finally found a way out, though, he loses contact with Reagen Thorpe, who promised him a datband and a new life for the sale of information.

Left high and dry, Henly finds himself cornered, with no way to go up, and every likelihood of failure. Faced with an impossible task, Henly needs a new way out, and he needs it fast. But where can a kid who doesn’t exist find help?

On a toxic planet, where cities are built one on top of the next, there’s nowhere to hide.

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