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Her Reasons

Her Reasons

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Joey has spent the last four years just trying to survive… Literally. With an abusive father at home, Joey has learned to keep her head down and prepare herself for her upcoming escape to college. With only a few months left until she can leave the house for good, she’s counting the days. She merely exists, until five guys walk into the room.

Matt, Jaidon, Alex, Stetson, and Bishop all see something in her they’ve experienced before: pain. They want to help her, and there’s something that draws her to all of them. When the guys find out about Joey’s home situation, they step up to help her with some guidance from their adoptive parents.

It doesn’t take long before the guys realize that they all want her, but they refuse to fight over her. Their solution? Share. Now, they just have to convince her to try it.

While Joey tries to figure out how a relationship with five different guys can work, her father is causing problems. Between him and the rumor mill at school, Joey’s got a lot more drama to deal with than she’s used to. She’s not used to standing up for herself, but the guys give her the strength. They’re her reasons to fight for the life she never hoped she could have.

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