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Lost and Found

Lost and Found


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Raised without a family, can Maddy trust the offer of four men she just met? Or are they playing her?

Growing up in the system left Maddy with an uneasy outlook on life. When she earns a scholarship to a university in Georgia, half the country away from where she grew up, she’s determined to start new. Unfortunately for Maddy, her carefully laid plans take a nosedive as soon as she arrives.

But Maddy is determined to make it on her own, and she’s well versed in rolling with the punches. When she meets a handful of men eager to help her out, Maddy’s suspicion kicks in. But they’re determined to fight past her defenses and become the family she’s never had.

Soon, though, Maddy discovers not everything is as it seems with them. They have secrets they can’t share, and their hot kisses followed by cold shoulders leave Maddy reeling. Where does she really stand with this group of men? Can she believe their words when their actions say something different?

When Maddy’s past rises to haunt her, will they be there to save her? Or will everything she worked so hard to build come crashing down?

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Lost and Found