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Fought and Freed

Fought and Freed

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With a family pulled apart and a gang war on the horizon, Maddy must fight for not only her freedom, but the future of her family.

After enduring a devastating betrayal, Maddy emerges from rehab broken and unsure if she can trust her own mind after the hallucinations she experienced under Mike's control. Her chosen family offers little solace as tempers flare, secrets are kept, and distance grows between them. Maddy's struggles increase with Grant, a new friend from rehab, putting her own health at risk.

Life becomes more chaotic as Mike resurfaces, threatening Maddy's progress. Simultaneously, a shocking revelation from Skylar's ex jeopardizes their envisioned future. Maddy desperately needs her chosen family's support, but their own battles push them apart.

Maddy's resilience faces a test as she prioritizes her well-being and faces issues of trust, self-discovery, and finding love and happiness. Can she heal her fractured family bonds or will the relentless conflict between her and Mike destroy everyone she holds dear?

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