L&L Literary Services accepts submissions year round for all Romance Genre Books.

Reading levels include Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult.

Submissions should be at least 20,000 words or longer, for standalone books.

Each anthology has their own word limit.

Serials must be between 10k-20k words and include a minimum of four parts with regular releases no more than one month apart.

  • Contemporary Romance: Stories set in current day.

  • Paranormal Romance: Vampires, shifters (wolves, bears, dragons, and cats), witches, gargoyles, or anything else.

  • Sci-Fi Romance: Aliens in space, on earth, and anywhere in between.

  • LGBT+ Romance: MM, FF, MMF, FFM.

  • Urban Fantasy Romance: Fantasy set in modern day environment.

  • Dystopian Romance: Stories set in the future where the outlook is bleak.

  • Ménage à Trois Romance: Any combination works: MFM, MMF, FFM, FMF, MMM, FFF.

  • Reverse Harem Romance: Must include three or more men where the main romantic focus is on a woman. Must end HEA with the FMC ending up with at least three of the men.

No Inspirational or Spiritual. No illegal sex acts (incest, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, or graphic rape).