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As You Are

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About the Book

Juro already failed at marriage once and has no interest in trying again. Then, Shig steps into his life and gives him hope at happiness, if only he’s brave enough to accept it.

A parent and married before he even graduated high school, Juro has no interest in trying again after his first marriage fell apart. He’s disillusioned with love and has a young child to take into consideration. Added to that is his ex-wife, who continues to use their child to extort money from him by any means possible.

When Shig, the guardian of a troubled teen at school, steps into his life, it sparks a friendship between the two single fathers. But Shig wants more, and Juro isn’t sure he can step into the role of partner again. He long ago resigned himself to not feeling passion the same way others do, but Shig’s patience and support proves more compelling than Juro ever could have dreamed. Can he bring Shig into his life, though, when they both have young children who rely on them?

After tragedy strikes, Juro’s given a once in a lifetime chance to discover if he can find happiness with Shig, but his ex-wife is determined to ruin Juro’s life. Can Juro and Shig come together, or will the mess in Juro’s life be too much for their budding relationship to handle?

This is a gay romance. Themes include: destined mates, hurt-comfort, single parents. As You Are is the third book in the Tails x Horns series and can be read as a stand-alone.

About the Author

Sophie O'Dare

Sophie O'Dare is the alter-ego of paranormal and sci-fi author Lyn Forester. She loves writing stories about men falling for each other and all of the shenanigans that go along with being in love.

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