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Chasing Spirit

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Desi Lin




About the Book

When Raegan is kidnapped out of a movie theater parking lot after moving to a new city, it sets in motion a series of events she could never have prepared for.

Suddenly, she's thrust into the world of the Elementum, discovering she has untapped powers and a connection to four men who claim to be her Genus. With forces outside of her control changing her life, she'll have to lean on them, but the closer they grow, the more feelings inside her grow.

But why are people out to get her? What could they possibly want with her? And will her new Genus be up to the task of keeping her safe?

About the Author


Desi Lin first put paper to pen after her fourth-grade teacher encouraged her to explore her natural talent. Already a lover of books and the infinite worlds and possibilities they brought with them, it took little for her to begin to create her own stories. A writer was born. She continued to use her writing as an escape from a world she struggled with until some incredible birds took her under their wing and nurtured her from writer to full-blown author. Now she spends her day arguing with the voices inside her head, playing taxi for her four kids, or attempting to make her home look a little less like a hurricane destroyed it. She lives in Central Florida where she can be found listening to music, dancing around her living room, creating art, or playing D&D when not writing.

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