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Mav and Dom, the infamous Knight brothers, Cam, the son of a racing legend, and Luke, Shelby’s hot next-door neighbor are all hers, and together, they’ll take on the Challenge.

After her guys help Shelby rescue her cousin, they return to town, top of the school and with a shot at winning the Challenge, an elite competition that will test Shelby’s skills behind the racing wheel once more.

But trouble is never far behind, and mysterious letters and accidents are warning Shelby that the new life she’s built won’t last forever. Is it the darkness of her past seeking her out, or more games from the jealous Barbie Squad who want to steal back the men who have sworn their love to Shelby?

As they race toward the Black and White Ball, the school’s version of a homecoming dance, the guys start to act off. Something is definitely going down. Can Shelby figure out who’s messing with them? Or will be be left wrecked?

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