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Desperate to Marry

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Sophie O'Dare




About the Book

When circumstances demand Zac marry fast, only one person comes to mind, but dare he contact Grant after vanishing on him without a word over a year ago?

Zachary had his entire life handed to him on a silver platter until a fatal accident took his parents from him. With his extended family fighting to claim the fortune they left behind, he goes into hiding in the Omega Outreach Program, where he plans to stay until he turns twenty-five, when he can legally claim the legacy that's rightfully his.

When a chance encounter exposes his whereabouts on the eve of his twentieth birthday, Zachary realizes he's run out of time. He needs to get married fast and claim his fortune before he faces the same accident his parents did. But the only one he can turn to is the last person he should.

When Zac went into hiding, he left every thing behind, including his childhood friend, Grant. They used to be inseparable, but after a year of silence from Zac, will Grant be willing to help him now? And what will be the price of his agreement?

A friends to lovers, m/m romance with themes of fake marriage and family feud.

About the Author


Sophie O'Dare is the alter-ego of paranormal and sci-fi author Lyn Forester. She loves writing stories about men falling for each other and all of the shenanigans that go along with being in love.

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