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About the Book

Rescued from an institute that studied and ran tests on people with special abilities, Haylie must find her footing in the outside world with a new foster family. Dropped off by her rescuers with only a warning to keep her abilities a secret, Haylie’s left to muddle through the tricky life of being human while keeping her secrets close. She can’t help but feel, though, that someone is watching her, keeping tabs on her and her new family. When she makes new friends, staying hidden becomes even more difficult, and all the secrets pile up. Will Haylie’s past put her future, and those of the guys she’s coming to care about, in danger? Can she trust her new friends and family, or will they all be doomed?</p>

About the Author


K. Swanson spends her days with her two young minions and her nights dreaming up ideas for a multitude of stories. She loves super heroes, DND, video games, and all things Disney. She lives in a small town with her husband and children, along with 2 dogs, one of which thinks she’s a kangaroo.

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