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Just Not You

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Sophie O'Dare




About the Book

Can Fate Be Rejected? Taro Yoshida plans to try. But when a one-night-stand leads to a deeper connection than he intended, will he be able to resist Fate?

Taro Yoshida has dedicated his life to helping others with their problems, while hiding from his own. Love’s not something he wants, let alone a mate. To avoid emotional attachments, he has three rules for his lovers.

No one who he works with.
No one who works at his favorite bar.
No one who lives in his apartment complex.

When he accepts Ryuu’s invitation, he thinks it will just be another one-night stand. There’s no way to prepare himself for the upheaval that one decision will cause. Sexy and determined, Ryuu isn’t willing to abide by Taro’s rules. He knows they have something special, if only he can convince Taro that love is worth the risk.

But ghosts from Taro’s past rise to remind him why he chose to be alone. Loving Taro can be more than a risk, it may be deadly.

About the Author


Sophie O'Dare is the alter-ego of paranormal and sci-fi author Lyn Forester. She loves writing stories about men falling for each other and all of the shenanigans that go along with being in love.

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