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Wounded Dove

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Maya William




About the Book

When Samantha is forced to face her greatest fear, will she survive?

Samantha returns to Calvary still heart broken, but on the mend. She's made peace with Samuel and won her spot back in the ballet class as principal dancer.

But when a prank goes wrong and Samantha ends up hurt, everything she's left unspoken comes to light. The question arises, though, of whether it was an accident, or if someone is really out to get her. It's no secret Samantha has made enemies, but how far will they go to remove her from Calvary?

The bullying at the school is getting worse, and the team brought in to stop it is at a loss. After Samantha injury, will they finally listen when she tries to speak? Or will this be the last straw that sends her away?

About the Author


Maya William is a new, upcoming author who loves spending time with her two kids and her loving husband.

She likes to explore alternative realities through a good book, an awesome movie, or by plotting her next installment with the help of Miss Inspiration.

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