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Shattered Wings

Shattered Wings


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Broken hearted, abandoned, but never truly alone.

Samantha put everything on the line, and Samuel broke her heart. While her family tries to figure out what exactly sent her into a tailspin of despair, Samantha's life continues to fall apart. The one thing she's always been able to reply on is her ability to dance, but when even that is put into question, Samantha pulls completely into herself.

The last thing she wants is to be taken on a road trip, but when Arthur and Zach insist, she reluctantly goes along for the ride. Little could she have guessed this adventure away from Calvary would be just what she needed.

But Samuel left her shattered in more ways than one. Can Samantha move on from her first love and reconnect with her passion for dancing, or will outside forces break her for good?

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