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Sand Cat: Whitefang Acadmey

Sand Cat: Whitefang Acadmey

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Cheetah shifter Tabitha is facing expulsion, but when she hires a tutor to help, she never expected her long time crush to answer the call.

Cheetah shifter Tabitha "Tabby" Long has always dreamed of going pro in sand volleyball, but when her return to school comes with the revelation she's not on the roster, all her dreams are put at risk. A bad magic test has landed her on academic probation, and if she can't pass the retest with a high score, her dreams of going pro will crash and burn.

In steps Leopold "Leo" Brighton, her long time secret crush and now the tutor who holds her future in his hands. But can Tabby keep her feelings hidden as Leo helps her overcome her magic hang-ups. Or will she get more from their training sessions than she ever dreamed possible?

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