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The Master

The Master

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Val, Mack, Coop, and Buddy beat the Hobgoblin King, but the museum refuses to let them escape.

Just when Val and the guys think they'll finally be allowed to return to the real world, they receive a summons to return to the game, this time to save Master Lambert. With the doors still locked, they have no choice but to continue forward under the watchful eye of the Curator.

But what does the game truly want from this ragtag team that came together for what was supposed to be a fun scavenger hunt? What is the game’s true purpose? And is the Curator more than he seems? Or is there someone else pulling their strings?

As Val and the guys set off on their next adventure into the museum's game, new bonds will form, and their budding friendships will be tested.

The complete Egypt Encounter from Museum of Magic, Mayhem, and Wonder.

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