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Broken Coven

Broken Coven

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Sabine walks a delicate line between dark and light magic, and one man's love could decide her fate.

Sabine has never fit in with her mother's coven. A misfit from birth, she has no affinity for white magic, but practicing anything else is strictly forbidden. The weight of her mother's expectations weighs heavily on her shoulders, locking Sabine into a future she doesn't want.

When a chance encounter brings Van into her orbit, she sees the first light in her dreary life, but witches and humans are forbidden from being together. Sabine has walked the line of forbidden all her life, though, and sneaks off to meet Van, never realizing the darkness that has stalked her since birth would follow her home.

In one day, everything changes, setting Sabine on a bloody path of revenge that neither she nor Van may survive. Can love hold back the shadows in Sabine's heart, or will she succumb to its dark promises?

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