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Broken Dreams

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Maya William




About the Book

Beautiful, rich, and on my way to the perfect life with an amazing fiancé, and all before I turn seventeen. Can life get any better?

I thought I knew what I wanted from life. I thought being a pretty doll was okay. But then everything changes.

A Miller never breaks their word. It’s the motto my family lives by, and one I’ve always been proud of, until it lands me in trouble with the authorities. Given the choice to face jail time or agree to go away to a reform school, my family ships me off to the middle of nowhere.

Gone are my credit cards and shopping sprees. Gone are my freedom and days of pampering. Gone are privacy and the respect my name used to bring.

The only thing that makes my time at the Phoenix Academy bearable is Kellan. He makes me want to be more, to look outside my gilded box to the real world

But am I willing to change? And what does that mean for the promise I made? Because a Miller never breaks their word, and my word has become my cage.

About the Author


Maya William is a new, upcoming author who loves spending time with her two kids and her loving husband.

She likes to explore alternative realities through a good book, an awesome movie, or by plotting her next installment with the help of Miss Inspiration.

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