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Magic of Fire and Curse: Part3

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Lili Black




About the Book

I've chosen a side, but I can't escape the doubt it brings.

Things are tense at Spearwood Academy, but not that Avalon has made it into the Air building, she has a lot to catch up on. Whispers of students running off go through the school, but that's normal when students at the bottom are afraid of being stripped of their powers and cast out. Avalon is determined not to become on of the ones who disappears.

That doesn't mean she doesn't have time for fun and games, though. The school has opened the hidden village for a Halloween event, and Avalon puts her heartbreak aside to go have fun with her friends. The night ends in terror, though, when the unthinkable happens. Not every student who vanished ran away. It seems that someone besides the school is picking off students, and the culprit may be someone Avalon knows.

About the Author


Lili Black is the young adult/new adult, paranormal romance pen name of authors LA Kirk and Lyn Forester.

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