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Magic of Light

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Lili Black




About the Book

She's destined for a life she doesn't fit into, but she never thought escape would come at such a high cost.

Sabine has known from the moment of her birth that her mother expects her to become the next high priestess of the Moon Coven, but misfortune plagues Sabine's every step. While those around her embrace white magic and the creed to harm none, darkness stalks Sabine, tempting her with forbidden magic.

When she meets Van, a human man who shares her interests, he offers a reprieve from the judgment of her coven. With Van, there are no expectations of magic and leadership.

But Sabine's impulsiveness comes at a cost, and the darkness that has plagued her since birth follows her home. When destiny answers Sabine's prayers, will there be any way to escape the blood and horror it brings?

About the Author


Lili Black is the young adult/new adult, paranormal romance pen name of authors LA Kirk and Lyn Forester.

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